Professional Snake control training course was organized for staff of Cleanco company at their site in Adnoc complex of Ruwais city in Dhafra region of western region, Abu Dhabi emirate of UAE  .The training events was organized by Cleanco and Ecopest. Hatim Mansour as Pest Management Consultant was conducting the training sessions for the staff of Cleanco. Senior PCTs and HSE were attending the event in addition to 3 HSE staff from ADNOC .Training covered the new and modern techniques of  Integrated Snakes Management, ISM, as well as screening the participants  some of the major snakes of  UAE and Gulf district .Cleanco Pest control section always trending to Program of Continuing Development for their staff by conducting strong partnership with Ecopest since 2017 . Ecopest is now consider as the pioneer and innovator consultant of Public health Pest control industry in GCC region . Hasnain as Pest control manager of Cleanco was very pleased of the training and he told that training was is an add value for our staff and company .